Your Athletes And Fans Are Craving A D1 Experience. Gametime Can Help.

By Bryan Houston

GameTime Product Representative

Who’s Your Favorite Team?

When asked this question you may think of the fighting Texas Aggies. Or the Florida State Tomahawk Chop fight song might come to mind. For me, it’s Saturday at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge for an LSU game. 105,000 fans in Tiger Stadium roaring “GEAUX TIGERS.” Faces painted with purple and gold, tailgates, and the comradery that is SEC football. That’s my idea of a great game day. 

It’s undeniable that your alma mater takes up a big piece of your heart. For 50 years, I’ve been announcing high school football games. And for the last 10, I’ve talked to Athletic Directors like you about how to create a D1 experience at your school. 

You don’t have to be a big league with unlimited money and staff like these 25 best college game day experiences to provide your students and fans with a game day atmosphere that keeps them craving more. 

In fact, this Athletic Director U article goes to show that fans’ perception of your game day goes far beyond how your team performs. 

So, how do you stop settling for your same old, average game day, and take your atmosphere to the next level? 


GameTime Can Help!

Professional Music

Your countless hours of screening music for your sports events are history! We have a team of music screeners that make sure every one of the 37,000+ songs in our database is 100% guaranteed school-appropriate.

Our database includes tons of fight songs, national anthems, and more to completely customize your game day to your desires. Don’t see the song, fight song, or anthem you want? Our team will screen it and get it up and running on your station.

Professional Messaging

Good sportsmanship, welcoming opposing teams, senior night, homecoming, public health safety reminders, concessions – no matter what messages you want to play, we professionally record them and load them on your station to play so that they play between music sets or on demand.

Professional Sponsorships

Selling ad spots or sponsorship packages on your Neptune GameTime station is easy to do and profitable! We have a team of experts that will help you create custom proposals that you can pitch to local businesses. Our team will work directly with your sponsors so that you don’t have to worry about it. Best of all there are no additional fees and you keep 100% of the revenue! Your sponsors will love a new, exciting opportunity that brings their business value.

Ready To Learn More?

You can see how GameTime creates a professional and unique atmosphere that will truly elevate your game day to a D1 level. 

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at the thousands of schools across the country that have chosen to create a professional atmosphere with GameTime through our interactive map.

Let’s schedule some time to discuss how GameTime can partner with your school in the link here.