Athletic Directors, Are You Spending Valuable Time Screening Music? GameTime Is The Solution!

By Tom Nelson

GameTime Product Representative

Imagine This…

While building a playlist for Friday night’s football game, you find yourself googling “Music for high school athletics,” “clean music for athletic events,” or “gameday music playlists.” You don’t see any red “E’s” for “Explicit” next to the songs, so it looks decent enough. Imagine that you play this playlist and inappropriate content blares over the loudspeakers for parents, grandparents, students, and faculty to hear. As you hurry to clean up the mess, your phone is blowing up with complaints and fans aren’t happy. It may not even be an F-Bomb, but simply content that offended your fans.

Maybe you’ve experienced a situation like this, or maybe your fans and student-athletes are just tired of hearing overplayed songs every practice, warm-up, game, or tournament they attend. Whatever situation you find yourself in, GameTime is the solution to provide you with 100% family-friendly music, in addition to custom messaging and money-making opportunities through sponsorships. 

Our Process

Our inventory of over 37,000+ songs has been screened by real people, not an algorithm to simply take out explicit language. With GameTime, you won’t have to worry about F-Bombs, but you also don’t have to worry about the following: 

Your students also will have the opportunity to pick songs from our pre-screened inventory that they want to hear through our student selection form. Looking for a specific song, national anthem, fight song, or other music? You can let us know at any time. We’ll screen it and, if it is safe, add it to our growing inventory for all our 1500+ partners to enjoy. 

Easy To Use

The GameTime program is simple and easy for you, coaches, or announcers to use. 

In Radio Mode, a pre-selected mix of music and messages automatically plays during your events. Simply select your sport and hit “PLAY”. It’s that simple.

If you’re looking for greater control over what plays when, including customized walk-up music, then you can use On Demand. From here, you can start, stop, pause, skip, and fade music, play custom clips, activate sound effects, and much more.

Ready To Learn More? 

Want to learn more about how GameTime can fit in best at your school? Contact us here.