2023 Growth / Creating a More Unique Guest Experience for Your Agritainment Venue

By Katie Spitzer

Revenue Development Specialist

The Growth of Agritainment

The farming industry has undoubtedly seen rapid growth through the adoption of agritainment and agritourism aspects. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) notes that between 2002 and 2017, revenue for farm agritourism more than tripled. The USDA shares that agritourism means “farms that contain a recreational or educational enterprise component, such as tours of a working farm and pick-your-own fruits…” Lynn Kime, senior extension associate in agricultural economics, says that “Agritainment creates the opportunity for farm owners to entice visitors to their farm, provide education about agriculture and increase their overall profits.”

While farms in more rural areas may be more likely to offer agritainment than their urban counterparts, urban farms are more likely to have higher revenue from agritainment. So, how can all farms across the country tap into the revenue growth and benefits of agritainment and agritourism? 

Creating a Custom Experience

In 2022 our team visited with many agritourism and agritainment venues across the country through NAFDMA (North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association) and Corn Party/The Maize Conference. A common theme among farm owners is the desire to create a more unique experience for visitors, and generate more revenue through their offerings. Oftentimes, these two can work in tandem with one another.

Ted Bodenrader in Eco Farming Daily mentions that differentiation, imagination, and changing it up, are a few of the ways to grow creativity at your venue. Adding creative corn mazes and other features of your farm is a great way to educate, provide a unique experience to guests, and grow your revenue.

What other ways can you provide a customized experience for your guests, while increasing your revenue? Neptune Radio can help by creating YOUR custom radio station.

Neptune Radio


Whether a mascot, central theme, or simply the name of your venue, YOU get to pick the name of your radio station. Guests will hear “Hill Farm Radio”, “Toby’s Tunes”, “Corn Radio”, or any name you choose, throughout your venue! 

As mentioned in the Eco Farming Daily article, creating unique and differentiated experiences is key to the success of your venue. This goes beyond a new corn maze or offering haunted attractions in October. These things are great, but going above and beyond with customization is sure to set you apart from the competition.

100% Family-Friendly Music

You have guests of all ages visiting your farm. Neptune Radio ensures you’ll never have to worry about complaints stemming from inappropriate music at your farm. Our music inventory has now topped 37,000 songs and growing every day. The music you’ll hear is screened by REAL people, not an algorithm to simply not allow explicit words. You won’t hear innuendos or other themes that could result in complaints.

Guests will be singing your praises of how great your music is! Whether you want a music mix that has a high percentage of country, pop, or even 80’s rock, our team will help you create the perfect music mix you can change at any time.

Custom Messaging to Boost Revenue

Many resources, including the previously mentioned articles, showcase that entertainment and year-round offerings are a growing trend for many venues. But, you may be seeing that the Fall or Spring peak season is significantly stronger than other times of the year. With Neptune Radio, you can submit messaging to encourage guests to visit during Christmas tree season, sunflower season, You-Pick fruit or vegetables, and more! You pick your messaging and when it runs. Best of all, your messaging is completely unlimited! 

Increasing F&B sales, personalized shout-outs, or pig race reminders are just a few examples of timed announcements our partners love. 

Create a New Revenue Stream Through Advertising

100% of the money you make through advertising on Neptune Radio is yours. Our Revenue Development team is happy to meet with you to learn more about the needs of your business, help create pricing you are happy with, and provide tips and tricks for soliciting advertising for your farm.

Our agritainment and agritourism partners have great success with advertising because, like you, small businesses in the community are ready to come together to help others and generate revenue themselves. Businesses in your community will have a captive audience hearing their ads, and gain invaluable exposure at your farm. 

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